Dec 7, 2010

Setting Up A Bar

Bars can be set just about anywhere there is a flat surface. Preferable where there is space for your guests to move around and not cause a traffic jam.  Pick up a cheap plastic table cloth to protect your surface, you can then cover it with a cloth to create the theme you are having for this event. Remember  a bar will give guests somewhere to congregate and get to know the other guests.

When setting up a bar, here are the basics: vodka, rum, gin, rye, scotch red and white wine. You will also need sparkling water, sodas and juices, non-alcoholic drinks and mixes.  Put out small bowls with cherries, olives and lemon slices and toothpicks for garnishes. Don't forget a cork screw for the wine, shaker for mixing, jigger and an ice bucket with tongs.

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