Nov 10, 2010

Planning Thanksgiving Dinner

OK, it's time to get out the pencil and paper. This will be your guide to a great Thanksgiving dinner. First you need to make several columns. In the first column you are going to list your entire dinner menu. Second column is list ingredients needed to prepare the item in column one with serving quanity. Third column is where the recipe for that item is iie: which  cookbook. Fourth column is what dish you are going to serve that item in. The last column is to make notes about each dish for planning next year, whether it is to much, not enough or plan to replace it with another item. When this done you will make two lists for shopping. One for all the dry goods (flour, spices, can goods). Second list is for all the perishables (fresh veggies, turkey, cool whip),  Take the first list to the grocery store now and get the dry items. The second list can be purchased a few days before Thanksgiving.  Next make sure your linens are ready as well as the serving dishes. Planning ahead will ensure a great dinner and a relaxed host or hostess.

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