Mar 15, 2011

Q&E–Tips for Freezing Desserts

Follow a few rules for successful storing and thawing
Label your desserts with the date they were made, stuff starts to look the same after being in the freezer.

Cool the dessert completely to prevent condensation before wrapping it and freezing it. I put the item in the freezer till it is semi-hard to make wrapping easier. Items like cookies, bar cookies, brownies and cup cake I like to freeze on a cookie sheet until hard. Pack them together in a freezer bag.  This way you can remove only the amount you need.

Wrap the dessert in two layers of plastic wrap and put in to a freezer  bag. Zip the bag almost closed, leaving about one inch open. Push out as much air as possible, seal and label with content and date.

Unwrap and gently cover the top of the dessert with plastic wrap. Thaw the dessert in the refrigerator or on the counter. Being careful in it has cream filling or whipped topping.

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