Mar 7, 2011

Q&E Freezer Sides and ETC

Here are some Q&E items to keep on hand for unexpected guests or to incorporate in to company dinners. In the coming weeks I will be posting frozen menus for your convenience with recipes.  Be sure to watch for the Easter entertaining ideas.

C=cooked   R=raw
Asst Potatoes   Pound Cake
Asst Veggies
Puff Pastry*
Pizza Ready Made   Fruit
Peppers, Green*   Ice Cream*
Onions   Waffles*
Onions, Chopped   Whipped Topping
Pasta Sauce   Pie Crust
Butter/Margarine   Bread/Rolls
Ravioli*   Mini Puff Pastry Shells.
Coconut, Flaked   Egg Roll Wrappers

*Peppers and onions added to Italian sausage and pasta sausagsauce served on hoagie rolls. Add a relish tray and chips or fries for a quick menu to serve friends over to watch the game.

*Puff pastry can be baked early or even just before serving and topped with ice cream or fruit for a quick dessert.

Sherbet Parfaits
2 pint s different flavor sherbets, slightly softened
1 cup Whipping cream  or topping
cookies (vanilla wafers or shortbread) crumbled

In 8 parfait or tall glasses, layer sherbet alternating flavors sorbet and cookie crumbles. Refreeze until firm. When ready to serve, When ready to serve top with whipped topping on each parfait. Serves 8

appRavioli*Ravioli can be deep fried for a quick appetizer and served with jazzed up pasta sauce or served the traditional way with pasta sauce.

* Waffles aren’t just for breakfast. serve them hot with fruit or top them with a big scoop of ice cream.

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