Mar 2, 2011

Q&E Ice Cubes 101

Boil water before freezing to have crystal clear cubes.

Save leftover coffee and tea and freeze in ice cube trays. Put them in your ice coffee or tea and your drink won’t dilute.

Prepare your favorite  punch recipe and  pour into each section of a muffin tin. Freeze, then add to rest of punch just before serving. Prevents punch from diluting.

Freeze ice cubes with fruit in them for a festive touch. Maraschino cherries, one to each cube, are very appropriate for garnishing.  Lemon slices sand mint leaves are good additions.

When fruits are to be frozen in the cubes, fill the tray one-third full with water, then partially freeze. Add the fruit then freeze. This will hold the fruit in position. Then add water until the tray is about three-fourths full and finish freezing.

Garnished cubes should be frozen slowly to prevent expansion and cloudiness.

Freeze spaghetti sauce  or gravies in ice cube trays for quick sauces or Spanish rice.  Chicken stock can also be frozen for a quick flavor boost to rice and potatoes by replacing some of the water with cubes.

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